Office Bird goes home


NB: An earlier draft made it clear that Office Bird is visiting a sibling and niblings back home, not their own neglected children and partner. But there was so much to squeeze into the square that the final version ended up leaving it open to your interpretation.


Office bird


Today's comic comes to you straight from my drafting notebook, in partnership with enough insomnia to make this feel like a good idea.


Tool cows


I shouldn't have done this, but I did, & now we will all have to live with it.


Digging deeper


In a hole in the ground there lived someone who should have just stopped talking.


Do the thing


The Floating Head of Salvador Dalí is my life coach and spiritual advisor.


All or some


Sometimes I receive a comic in a vision & do not dare refuse it.


Hammer time, possibly


Today I learned that drawing a giant hammer is even harder than drawing a regular-sized hammer.


Reaching for the dream


For now, all it does is look cool in the driveway...but weekend tunneling is the dream.


You don't know


...which does give some insight into the severity, if not the particulars, of the experience.


Soupe à la mouche


The spider who lives in my cartoonist hat told me to make this comic.




"The most delicious sauce can be hard to find. Elusive Sauce™: Good luck getting some."