I've been hurt too many times before

Mental Health (is back)
The party had been a smashing success, and each guest left with a gift bag of evidence to remember the good times they had had, and to be kept or buried somewhere outside of the reach of snooping federal marshals. 


I'm asking for a friend

And here's a hastily done bad photoshop version of another direction I was thinking of taking it:
Can I just say, by the way, that I have no idea whether either of these is actually funny? And I realize that's a subjective thing, but I'm still not sure.


Miscellaneous marginalia

 Dear friends and enemies, these are the things I drew in my notebook when I was supposed to be paying attention this week. Looking at them, I kind of wonder if I ever surpassed whatever mental age I reached in middle school, but I offer them to you here, in the hopes that you will be mildly entertained.

(You know, because a mermaid would have a trident, while this guy has a pitchfork. Guys? Get it?)


Though it may be tempting...

In the spirit of full disclosure, today's comic is partially influenced by the superb EP "Moon Colony Bloodbath" by the Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice.