I'm talking two or three posts a day

Three posts minimum! Even if it's just a quote with a picture of a kitten. You owe it to your fans, Ludwig.


Some might call me that, yes

Mental Health
Rather than board up their accidentally-discovered door to the Ninth Demon Dimension, Larry and Margaret would tell visitors it led to the guest bathroom.


Really smooth

The effects of vacations on multicellular organisms

Editor's note: This somehow failed to publish yesterday. Not that anyone (myself included) noticed or cared- everyone's busy enjoying the company of family and friends, or trying to be civil among relatives.


More ways to alienate your friends

Mental Health
"Look, what's bothering me is not so much that you're always eating my food, but more the fact that you seem to think you can replace it all with paper shreddings without me noticing. It's like, you're taking basic theft and turning into an insult to my intelligence."


Wrong neighborhood

Does this drawing have some kind of point behind it? Some kind of underlying philosophical meaning about what it means to be human and to belong to groups? I guess if there was one, it would be that people with square heads are jerks.


Humans are resources

This idea is for sale. Contact me for the specifics of filling out the many-zeroed check and sending it my way.


The adventures of Dinosaur Boy

As you can see, these are from a notebook, made at a time when I should have been paying slightly more attention.



No, wait, there it is

Mental Health
The evil Dr. Vandertramp received the latest report: a hundred more zeppelins and fifty new fighter planes were ready at strategic points along the arctic perimeter. Watchtowers and flak cannons were now fully manned. Everything was going according to plan; this year, Dr. Vandertramp would finally ruin Christmas.


I forgot what the goal was supposed to be

Mental Health
Of the literally hundreds of items on Roger's to-do list, there was only one he could remember. It was the very last entry, and he was in no hurry to reach it: it read simply self-destruct. Roger wasn't sure how he felt about that one, but figured he could delay the need to decide by not accomplishing any of the other tasks.


I've been hurt too many times before

Mental Health (is back)
The party had been a smashing success, and each guest left with a gift bag of evidence to remember the good times they had had, and to be kept or buried somewhere outside of the reach of snooping federal marshals. 


I'm asking for a friend

And here's a hastily done bad photoshop version of another direction I was thinking of taking it:
Can I just say, by the way, that I have no idea whether either of these is actually funny? And I realize that's a subjective thing, but I'm still not sure.