That way you have it

(NB: I used to do this thing where only one participant in a dialogue got speech bubbles, because I was tired of drawing an entire comic of nominally acceptable quality and then screwing it up at the last moment with an ill-formed speech bubble. The bubbleless words are being said by the figure on the left.)




You might enjoy "Riches and Wonders" on All Hail West Texas by the Mountain Goats.


Basement thoughts


This one's not technically a re-run, unless I showed you this at school back then. I was just starting to realize I wasn't too cool for poetry, but I was also watching Salad Fingers more than is probably good for a person.





This one was actually relatively legible for the time, if you can believe it. I used to spend a lot of time on concepts and then lose patience with the process of turning my ideas into, you know, actual comics.