Few regrets, if any

Mental Health
The plan had gone about in near-perfection; every nerve-wracking moment had been a delicate dance. At every turn, he had outwitted the enemy, and now Dr. Vandertramp was ready to finish the final stage. He held the remote, which would simultaneously activate the massive explosions as well as the decoy fireworks, rather tenderly in his hand and ran his left index finger gently around its large red button. 
He gazed wistfully out the window of his jet-black zeppelin, down at the earth below him. After this, he would need to find some new enemies. Pick some new fights. 
Also, he thought: Maybe I should have made the decoy fireworks a little more impressive


  1. Andrew. I just started clicking around on your page and found this. I love it. the site is gold mine! Added to google reader.


    1. Thank you, sir. It's exactly for individuals with such discerning tastes as yours that this site is made.