Concerns about AI

 A smiling stick figure wearing a tie leans partway into a doorway at the far end of a room. In the foreground, another stick figure hunches over a desk strewn with papers upon which the following sketches are visible: "improbably large bird" with a bird twice the size of a house), "I like band (obscure)" with smug stick figure, "Predicament? oh. bad." with poorly drawn cat, "Cow techniques" with cow legs and a cow tool visible (the rest obscured by a speech bubble), "the real reason snakes went extinct" with a snake smoking a cigarette, and "Imaginary friend?" "No u" as an exchange between two scrawled figures. The person at the doorway says, "We're going to replace you with AI." The person at the desk replies, "Don't force those poor computers to make comics. No one should do what I do."

Check out the full size image here.

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