Open mouth, say ah

Mental Health
Actually, just a dream I had.
I went to the French grammar lab that I teach, but the room had transformed itself into a huge lecture hall. It was full of people, which surprised me, but seemed reasonable because the students have/had a test coming up. When I asked if they were all there for French, though, half of them said no, they were there for Econ or something. I had to threaten some of them to get them to leave. (People are always trying to steal that room in real life, but they usually feel embarrassed and leave when they realize it's taken). The kids who were there for French wouldn't quiet down, and one girl went to the board while I was trying to calm them down, and started to conjugate verbs in a language that wasn't quite Portuguese and was only a little bit like Romanian. By then we were five minutes late and, as usually happens in these sorts of dreams, I felt somewhere near enough frustration and stress for the dream to end, so it did.

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