We are in agreement

Mental Health

Chapter six. 
The parents talked about the idea on their way home, and both felt that the new school would be worth looking into, if the kid was interested. If they were to be really honest with themselves, they had to admit that he seemed a little bored with the school as it was. Maybe he would open up if he were surrounded by kids with similar interests. So they agreed to pitch the idea to him when he got home.
They brought it up at dinner. The kid listened with calm interest, taking the news as though it were a motionless ton of bricks, significant but unsurprising. They were proud of his prodigious stoicness. 
He said, upon brief reflection, "We should look at the place before we decide anything." They nodded. "I mean," he added in an introspective tone, "what if they're all raving lunatics?"
"We'll make sure they aren't raving," his father answered. "But nearly everyone you meet is a lunatic." 

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