Two? Already?

Last night I realized that I had missed it. On 26 July 2011, I resurrected an old blog I had used to post sporadic drawings way back in high school. I gave myself a challenge: I was going to not only be consistent, I was going to put up a drawing every day. And though there are occasionally re-runs and drawings from the ancient high school past, I've pretty much met that goal for the past two years and a few days.

Happy second birthday, CrustaceanSingles.com. Let's see if you make it to three.

Thanks to everyone who's still reading, sharing it with friends and enemies, and not reporting me to the authorities. It means a lot to me.


  1. not only did you miss your blog's birthday, but the comic you posted that day was 'I don't care'.

    1. Whoa. The only reason I keep going...is to show how little I care. Maybe a more fitting remark on the actual anniversary.