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Mental Health
(This is an ongoing story. You can catch up here, though they'll be chronologically backwards).

Chapter eight.

So the kid told his parents that he wanted to go to the new school, that night at dinner. He didn't catch the significant look they exchanged with each other, but wasn't really surprised when his dad said, "But you didn't actually go inside and see how it was there?" The man was practical.
"No, but I saw what I needed to see. The kids there are different. I think I'll fit in there." The kid did not add, I think most of them are like me, trying to keep to themselves. He didn't say it, but his parents knew this about him and tacitly approved.
The dad said, "I still think you should go one more time, when there isn't an all-day fire drill, and meet some of the teachers."
Everyone nodded agreement, but no plans were scheduled. Things got in the way, as is the way with things. When the deadline for application arrived the next week, they still had not returned to the new school, and so the kid's mom filled out the forms anyway and sent them along. The kid was satisfied.

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