Curtains for the windows to the soul

Mental Health
Here is a boy whose eyes really do display the contents of his soul. It's not just an expression; if you meet his gaze, you will see, refracted as though through thousand-faceted diamonds, what he has experienced and what it meant to him, what he wants most in life and what he fears, the people who matter most to him and why. 
He will feel you seeing this, in some impossible-to-describe way, and he has learned, after much hard experience, that he cannot participate in the otherwise universal human experience of inner privacy. He knows that you, and everyone who has looked into his eyes, know him perfectly, as well as he knows himself, while he cannot have the same glance into anyone else. This is not fair to him, but he also knows that it is not fair to others. To know another completely is a dreadful burden to bear.
By the age of fifteen, he will have carefully carried out his plan to make it look like an accident when the high school chem lab's acid destroys those windows to his soul. He will be certain that it was the right decision.

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