Metamorphosis? More like "meh"-tamorphosis

Mental Health
As Greg Sampson awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found that he had been transformed into a monstrous beetle. He remained motionless for several hours after discovering this fact, but it was not due to the nature of his new body; this was simply his usual habit every morning.
No one else in the house discovered the terrible change until that evening, when his mother descended to the basement and uneasily knocked at his bedroom door several times, at first asking if he would like to join her and his step-father for dinner, and then growing increasingly concerned not to hear the usual grunt of assent from Greg. Greg, who was mightily irked that his new insectile legs couldn't operate a touchscreen, was watching Netflix on his desktop computer, and tried to respond to his mother's through-the-door questioning in the usual way but found that only a threatening hiss would emerge from his new vocal physiology. 
His mother evidently couldn't hear the hiss, and opened the door with eyes at first averted and then, when no cries of "Geez, mom!" came, dared to look around the room. This is when she saw what had become of her son.

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