Reaching out (revised)

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   One year ago today, I posted a comic about wanting to get back in touch with people but having a hard time doing so. That comic spread much faster and farther than anything I had ever made before. Tens of thousands of those sharing it used it as a way to reach out to someone they missed.
   Yesterday (for Remake Monday), I redrew the image and improved the typography of the original. For today, I made a more substantial change to the original. The words in the thought bubble remain a totally valid thought process to experience, of course...but after experiencing them, consider sending something closer to the edited version in the second frame as an alternative to the first frame's stream-of-consciousness word-vomit.
   I'm now calling the 27th of November "Getting Back in Touch Day". Please feel free to use this comic (or yesterday's) and/or the made-up holiday as an excuse to reach out to someone you want to keep in better touch with. 
   And if you haven't already, go read the now-public post about it at: [patreon.com/posts/getting-back-in-22837722].

EDIT: Now available as shareable, printable images and greeting cards for Getting Back in Touch Day (...or Week/Month/whenever...you don't need my permission to reach out to a friend).

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