The people were astonished at this doctrine


The top half of the image is text containing prose as follows: Mrs. Finnikin said, "Father! There you are!  I passed by the parsonage to bring you a loaf of bread—I always bake too much—and, well,  I was looking for you and—" "Thank you, that was very kind," said Codspittle. She ignored this; something else troubled her.  "Yes, but Father, does the Church know they've sent you to such a dilapidated dwelling?" The bottom half of the image is a comic, with the Reverend Codspittle (who is secretly the being Amunizuwrim) wearing a broad black hat and a dark burgundy jacket and saying, "The comforts of this world offer no rest to me." to Mrs. Finnikin. The latter wears a handkerchief over her head, large glasses, and a dress with a subtle floral print. She looks perhaps stunned at what Codspittle has said and replies, "...I see."

The people were astonished at this doctrine.
(This one won't make sense, let alone have a chance at amusing, unless you've read last Wednesday's comic.)
(And yes, putting so many words in a comic is frowned upon, but this is how I wanted it & also getting in trouble is made up.)

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