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Two people are seen from behind, standing before an array of shelves. One person gestures at the contents of the shelves and the other holds a glass of pale brown liquid. On the lower shelves are books, a couple bottles with labels "Antifascist Juice" and the Antifascist logo of three downward left-pointing arrows, and a light cavalry sword accompanied by a plaque inscribed with the letters "WWJBD" (which stands for "What Would John Brown Do?"). The upper shelves hold various skulls, each of which is oddly shaped in some way; one has two lobes at the top reminiscent of a pair of buttocks, another has very close-set eye sockets and elongated canine teeth.   The bottom caption reads, "You like 'em? Phrenologist skulls. Hunted 'em down myself."   Some of the book spines are only partially legible, but here's as complete a description as I can offer, with titles separated by commas: Victory to Ukraine, The Conquest of Bread (real book & recommended reading), Rojava, Darfur, HC / HR, 1312, Rest in Piss Kissinger, Zero Billionaires, Prosecute J6 GOP, Solidarity, Abolition Everywhere, Land Back, No Excuse for Genocide, Freedom [in Arabic], BSD, Free Palestine, Antizionism is  NOT Antisemitism.  There could have been many other deserving causes and real books represented here, I know. Forgive me my many omissions; this was all off the top of my head.
 Dangerously wrong ideas, yes, but not particularly dangerous game.

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