It started as a self-portrait


One stick figure presents a sculpture to another, saying, "So this is what I've been working on lately". The sculpture is a misshapen blob creature with sparse tufts of hair and a mouth frowning full of teeth placed higher on its face than its two drooping eyes. In one approximate limb, it holds a bird with long, awkward arms that has its toothy beak open as though in song. In front of the blob creature, there's a neglected, wormlike thing that frowns. The other stick figure shriks back in a rictus of astonished distaste. The artist adds, "Maybe I shouldn't work on things".

Head over to my Ko-Fi to see some sketches I made while I was figuring out the "what I've been working on" part. No paywall (but you are allowed to give me money if you want)

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