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Due to technical difficulties, there will only be a Mental Health today. The good news is that you, dear readers, now have the chance to illustrate it and send it in (to lobsterman [@] crustaceansingles.com (which is a real email address, without the spaces or brackets)) for the chance to win a prize I haven't thought of yet. I'll post the top three here. It'll be fun...-ish.

***Amendment: illustrate any mental health entry for a chance to be featured as guest art.

Mental Health
The cop's blandly stated "Nothing to see here," meaning, as it did, that there was something abnormally interesting to see which he and/or the powers that be really didn't want being seen, the kids and their talking dog ducked around a corner and found a back alley that would bypass the police block and the crowds. 
They were unprepared for the gigantic monster lurking there, and even more unprepared for the fact that it was not a costumed, scheming businessman of the type they were so used to unmasking. 

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